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Texas Touring Information
What is the Texas Touring Tool ?
  • The Adult-Texas.com touring tools are a simple way for Escorts, Porn Stars, Strippers and other adult entertainers to add and maintain their own traveling/touring schedules when they visit Texas.
  • All touring information is fully searchable by any combination of entertainer name, location, type, and date range.
  • A "Touring Schedule" link is also displayed next to the entertainers listing(s).
How can I enter my Tours to Texas ?
  • You must be a paying advertiser on Adult-Texas.com or provide a reciprocal banner link to Adult-Texas.com on your site.
  • Your listing will be displayed in each location you are actively touring and also searchable in the search tool.
  • You can also link to your personal touring schedule on Adult-Texas.com directly from your site.
How does it work ?
  • Once approved, a username & password will be setup for you.
  • You can then log in and add/edit your tours.
  • For each Tour, you can enter the location, cost, short description, and 3 full lines of description.
  • All tours must be approved by the Adult-Texas.com webmaster before they are posted to the live site.
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